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The 6 keys to Life’s Longevity.

Foods and Air alone are not enough for us to stay alive. To live well there are 6 maintenance procedures we need to keep:

1. Ensure sound mobility of our body's joints.
2. Proper exercise to enhance a healthy muscle, ligament and skeletal structure.
3. Re-adjust our body's alignment.
4. Top up our chi energy and activate it's proper flow.
5. Tune up the Yin Yang balance of our brain and boost its capacity.
6. Enhance the positivity of our mind.

WutanUK’s Tai Chi Class structure is based on this maintenance formula. By keeping up this routine, human beings can enjoy a century of happy living. However the pressures of society and flaws in our discipline have made it difficult for most of us to follow these procedures fully.

I want my life to be long enough to see developing students of WutanUK, continue to contribute to our society by promoting healthy living. My time as the head of WutanUK is consumed by tasks to ensure all branches of WutanUK are run well. To balance this lack of spare time, I do one of the six procedures above, equivalent to a part maintenance service on my car, while I put water in my kettle and waiting for it to boil, in order to make myself a cup of coffee, and I teach Tai Chi twice a week which is the equivalent of a full maintenance service on my car.


With this form of time management I am living a near perfect life. For I divide our lives into 4 periods:

The first 6 years preparing to face the world.
From 6yrs – 21yrs we accumulate knowledge and skills.
From 21yrs – 65yrs we serve the society.
From 65yrs+ we enjoy fully the result of our achievements.
It will be sad if we die before 70. But we should not complain if we die at 80. If we die after 90, we would have recovered our investment to the society with a big bonus.

My life with martial arts and students of Wutan, sometimes may appear to be painful, however it is worthy and meaningful.  This means already I have been receiving spiritual bonus since I was 7 years old. 

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Soon Tuan They


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