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Tai Chi Chuan is form of moving meditation.

It is also a form of martial arts.


In martial arts training the practitioner reprograms the body so that it becomes more efficient in combat situations. To be a strong fighter, one must first improve their posture and coordination. The internal energy system and psychological state must also be sound. Tai Chi Chuan, as passed down from a qualified instructor, is the most profound method in helping the practitioner to enhance these key factors.


For this reason I have set Tai Chi training as part of the training programme for the full contact fighters of our school. So far our full contact fighters have represented Great Britain to win a gold medal at the European Championships of 28 member countries plus a bronze and a gold medal at the Worlds Championships of 120 member countries.


Although taking up full contact competition is not the goal for most of us, it is still important for the instructor to make sure they show their students the correct way of practising Tai Chi in order to obtain the maximum benefit.


Teaching martial arts is a privilege. Unfortunately, many instructors do not take martial arts teaching as a personal duty and serious contribution to the society that our children have to live.


We book our cars in for a regular service to ensure all alignment and management units are in order for the car to perform well, and to last.

The benefit of carrying out the repetition of performing the Tai Chi sequence correctly has a similar outcome. Each time we enter into empty mind by repeating the sequence, our energy flow is activated, our system cleansed, our body repairs itself, our alignment is adjusted, thus we are psychologically enhanced and philosophically transformed.

We become a more positive, appreciative, compassionate person.

Experiments have shown that whilst engaging in Tai Chi our brain produces a tranquil brain wave. Many people in the East keep up this discipline in order to live longer and look younger.


In our society, many people spend their whole life working hard, serving the society, and also to accumulate wealth. Sadly by the time they are about to retire many find themselves too unhealthy to be able to enjoy properly their retirement time or the wealth they have accumulated.


The syllabus of Wutan UK is composed with intention of contributing to our society by helping us to live a healthier happy contented life. Teaching martial arts has kept me healthy, that I have only had to visit the G.P. 3 times in the last 30 years.


To ensure that what the students are taught is genuine, and to receive maximum benefit for their training, I have arranged for

        Master Wu to conduct seminars yearly in the UK.

        A monthly intensive training program at HQ for our instructor to polish and advance their skills continually and understand our syllabus properly.



SoonTuan They

Wutan Tai Chi School


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